Tournament winners rating

Tournament winners rating is calculated across all rated tournaments of any rules and any types. In any tournament, top quarter of participants is awarded 1 VP (victory point). Furthermore, top quarter of top quarter of participants is awarded one more VP, and so on. Example. 64 players participated in the tournament. 64/4=16, top 16 places will get 1 VP. 16/4=4, top 4 places will get 2 VP. 4/4=1, top 1 place will get 3 VP. 1/4=0.25, no one will get 4 or more VP.

Overall player's rating is a sum of VP gained from all rated tournaments. In the table below the player's "displayed name" is clickable to see the player's rating contribution.

# Player Tournaments Rating MCR DMCR SBR 🐼 DSBR Riichi MCR Marathon SBR 🐼 Marathon
Rating of player
# Date Game ID Type Players Place VP MCR DMCR SBR 🐼 DSBR MCR Marathon SBR 🐼 Marathon