Proposal to mahjong club / association / federation


An online mahjong play by no means can be viewed as a full-fledged substitute of the "live" play, no matter this is a tournament or a club game.

To facilitate running events MahjongSoft offers to your mahjong club / association / federation the idea of using of "authorized list of players" of your very group.
That list will help to create private tables where only the members of your group can enter.
The results can be easily retrieved from the sessions statistics by applying your group filter and be processed further in proper way.
If your group is fairly large enough you may run any type of the tournaments limiting participation to the members of your group only.

If your mahjong club / association / federation is interested in getting at the MahjongSoft your own "group" representation (with the use of "tickets" technology) and provided there are no less than 10 members in it please send an e-mail to Vitaly Novikov (
In your letter please cover the following topics:

  • Provide the name of your mahjong club / association / federation, city, country. Attach a logo (it may be used later on). How to name a "ticket"?
  • Do you have any scheduled official tournaments or other events which normally run "live" to be transferred into online?
  • Do you need help in creating any schedules and seating schemes for the club marathons?

As a result of cooperation with MahjongSoft your group will receive an extra opportunities to run online events.
We only will ask you to support our project by any amount you can afford.

Your sincerely,
MahjongSoft team

Important notice

The primarily goal of introducing "tickets" concept is in facilitating clubs / associations / federations to run "real" scheduled events such as group tournaments, marathons or weekly meetings.
Beyond the scheduled days, it is quite natural for the members of any "ticket" group to participate in activities of the whole mahjong community of the MahjongSoft not limiting themselves solely within the group.
Only players with the status "Verified User" can be added to "ticket" groups.

Below is the list of all active "ticket" groups ("Open" means not limited to the group members only).

Ticket Group Country, City Players Event Schedule
Canada Canada MCR Sports Association Canada, Toronto 230+ 2024 full-year online tournament
Canada Friday MCR invitational open
WCC Japan Wakuwaku Chunma Club Japan, Shiga 31-40 Monthly MCR Tournaments 3rd Saturday / 1st Sunday

Updated: 04.01.2024