MCR marathon

MCR Marathon is a long-term open tournament, usually played by periods. Marathon is opened to all players, with no restrictions with respect to participation, or the number of accounted games within a period.
To enter Monthly MCR Marathon, please, enter the table marked "MCR Marathon" on the starting page. The game results will be accounted automatically, there is no need to report them anywhere.
The player's result is a weighted sum of two components: 50%*average_TP (taken for all games) + 50%*average_TP (taken for best 10 by TP games).
To be rated, 10 games have to be played by the player. While determining the player's result, all missing to the amount of 10 games will forceably be counted as having 0 TP and 0 GP.

# BR Player Games ∑ TP Avg. TP ∑ TP 10 Avg. TP 10 Result