SBR Marathon Information




SBR Marathon Games Disqualification Criteria Modification

SBR Marathon games disqualification criteria has been modified (simplified) to avoid long play in case the game is abandoned or some players have lost connection:

  • 50+ AM ("automoves") for one player in deals 1-4 of the game
  • 75+ AM for one player for the entire game
  • 100+ AM overall for the entire game
  • 5 deals or less in the game


SBR Marathon Games Access Modification

The following change have been introduced:
  • Only "Verified Users" (VU) can play SBR Marathon games.

Players who has no "Verified User" status are adviced to fill their profiles, please refer to Site Guide.


SBR Marathon Games Automatic Disqualification

The following changes have been introduced:
  • after finishing each deal of SBR Marathon game, the system will check applicability of any of SBR Marathon games disqualification criteria (see News dated 22.03.2022)
  • if any of the above-stated criterion is met, then the system stops the game and writes "The session has been disqualified."
  • the game itself will not be deleted, but instead it can be found in archive having "SBR" type of games

SBR Marathon Games Disqualification Criteria

To enforce "healthy" competition and to address disconnected players issue the following criteria for SBR Marathon games disqualification will be applied (all the measurements are in "automoves", AM, that is the moves which are made by the system due to player's disconnection):

  • 50+ AM for one player in deals 1-4 of the game
  • 100+ AM for one player for the entire game
  • 150+ AM "combined" for the entire game (to get AM "combined", add up the number of AM for all players and "incomplete game correction", which equals to 25 AM when only 7 deals in the game, or 50 AM when only 6 deals in the game)
  • 5 deals or less in the game

When one or more players are obviously disconnected in early stage of the game, it is adviced to "abandon" such a game (it will be disqualified).

The updated list of disqualified MCR Marathon games will be posted at SBR Marathon Information page at Disqualification section.


SBR Marathon Minor Modifications

SBR Marathon table:

  • SBR Marathon table is available to test how to play in SBR Marathon till the start of Annual SBR Marathon on 01.03.2022
  • to enter SBR Marathon, please, enter the table marked "SBR 🐼 Marathon" on the starting page

To enforce "healthy" competition and avoid "choosing opponents" approach the following changes are implemented:

  • when SBR marathon table has not started yet, all players are "anonymized" by showing "#" instead of real "displayed names"
  • when SBR marathon table has started, all "displayed names" of participants are revealed

Menu items:

  • menu item "MCR Marathon" is renamed to "Marathon"


Annual SBR Marathon Launch

MahjongSoft is pleased to announce Annual SBR Marathon, a long-term open tournament, which starts on 01.03.2022 at 00:00 and ends on 28.02.2023 23:59 (by Moscow time).
Marathon is opened to all players, with no restrictions with respect to participation, or the number of accounted games.


Annual SBR Marathon is composed of four periods, which are called as "seasons":

  • "Spring", 01.03-31.05.2022
  • "Summer", 01.06-31.08.2022
  • "Autumn", 01.09-30.11.2022
  • "Winter", 01.12.2022-28.02.2023

Results and Ranking

All games played by a player within a period are then consolidated using four-component formula to get player's score. All player's scores are then ranked accordingly to get rank (place) and basic rank for the considered period.
The player's annual result is a sum of basic rank values taken from each of four periods.
Comment: for details on formulas and ranking procedures please refer to SBR Marathon Information page.


Annual SBR Marathon:

  • the best player will receive a mahjong set
  • top 3 players will receive medals

Each season:

  • top 3 players will receive medals
  • top quarter of the "qualified players list" will receive Victory Points (VP)
Comment: organizer of Annual SBR Marathon may consider some other prizes in addition to the listed above.

How to Participate?

To enter SBR Marathon, please, enter the table marked "SBR Marathon" on the starting page. The table of results is available at Consolidated Marathon Results page (please, choose the rules and period in a drop-down menu accordingly).

SBR Marathon table parameters

Deals per session: 8, Time for session: 30 min., Time for own action: 9 sec., Time for declaration: 8 sec., Additional time: 10 sec., Time for results: 10 sec.


What is Marathon?

Marathon is a long-term open tournament, usually played by periods. Marathon is opened to all players, with no restrictions with respect to participation, or the number of accounted within a period games.

Player's Score

The player's score within a period is a weighted sum of four components: 50%*average_TP (taken for all games) + 50%*average_TP (taken for best 10 by TP games) + 1%*number_of_games + 10%*average_TP_opponents (against whom player played).
Comment: TP stands for total_points, the sum of game_points and bonus_points, which players receives from each game played.

To be rated, 10 games have to be played by the player within a period. While determining the player's score, all missing to the amount of 10 games will forceably be counted as having 0 TP.

For the sake of simplicity, all the components are rounded to the two digits after decimal point. For tied results number_of_games is used as an additional criterion — the lesser is that number, the higher player's score is.


All players' scores within the same period are then ranked (including breaking-ties algorithms). Each player, who played the established within a period minimum number of games (10), is called as "qualified player". Each "qualified player" receives so-called "Basic Rank" (BR) according to the formula:
BR = 1000*(number_of_qualified_players-player's_place+1)/number_of_qualified_players, rounded to the closest integer number

All players who have not played within a considered period the established minimum number of games (10), receive BR=0.

Further Ranking

In "Annual Marathon" all the "Basic Rank" (BR) values, received in individual periods, are summed up to obtain "annual" player's result.


To enforce "healthy" competition any game with seemingly unequal opportunities to compete should not be counted (disqualified). Thus, any games having "excessive" number of "automoves" (that is moves when system plays instead of disconnected player) should be disqualified. For exact criteria of such disqualification, please refer to SBR Marathon Games Disqualification Criteria.

Disqualified SBR Marathon games:

  • 2022 Spring -- 65784, 65906, 65973, 66049, 66161, 66195, 66488, 67071, 67130, 67306, 67651, 67669, 67846, 68080, 68085, 68166, 68331, 68367


  • any game is assigned to the period based on it's starting time
  • game statistics can be found at menu "Statistics/List of sessions", then choose "Type"="SBR 🐼 Marathon"

Updated: 12.05.2022