Frequently Asked Questions

Why the championship is "duplicate"? What is duplicate mahjong anyway?

Duplicate mahjong is a mahjong format in which the result of each deal is compared with the results of the same deal played on other tables. The duplicate format offers the highest level of competition as other players on other tables will play THE SAME TILES.

What do you need to take part in the 1st Online European MCR Duplicate Championship?

To be included in the list of participants, you have to qualify in one of the selected ways:

  • top 50 European players of the 6th MCR World Championship;
  • players with an MCR EMA rating of at least 750 points as of 08/26/2020;
  • winners of qualifying tournaments on the MahjongSoft;
  • non-European players.

Step 1. Getting into the list

Check your name in the lists of the first two groups at OEDMC official website. If you find yourself in those lists, then by September 30, 2020 you must send to organizer's address a confirmation letter of participation in the championship (with the subject "OEDMC2020-Registration"). If your name is not on those lists, then in order to participate in the OEDMC, you must participate in at least one of the qualifying tournaments and be in the total standings among the top 36 players. For more information on qualifying tournaments, see the link. Players who qualify for qualifying tournaments must send to organizer's address a confirmation letter of participation in the championship (with the subject "OEDMC2020-Registration").

Step 2. Confirmation on Mahjongsoft website

It is not enough just to confirm your participation to the organizer of the OEDMC, since it is important to ensure that you can play on the website where the championship will take place — Mahjongsoft. To identify a player and add him/her to the confirmed list on the site, admins need to verify the "identification elements" of the player. Those are: name, surname, country and e-mail address, and this address must be CONFIRMED by means of the site. Each applicant for participation must go to his profile on the site and make sure that all the listed profile fields are correct and one can identify the player using them. We pay special attention to the need to confirm your address.

Step 3. Day of the championship

On the day of the championship, October 31, 2020, you must enter OEDMC tournament page on the website and be sure to CONFIRM your participation online! To do this, 20 minutes before the start, it will be possible to click the "Confirm" button. 10 minutes before the start, the organizers will start a chat with all unconfirmed players. If the player is clearly absent from the online space, the player may LOSE the right to participate in the Championship! BE CAREFUL!

How to increase your chances of successful performance in the Championship?

The advice is simple: use all the possibilities! Be sure to go to the site and check out the game interface. If you have problems with communication, change your browser or device, write to the site admins about your problem. Take part not only in qualifying, but also training tournaments. Get acquainted with the statistics of the tournament, analyze your unsuccessfully played hands, look at the game of more successful players in the replay.