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20.09.2020The winners of the OEDMC Qualification Tournament #2 are:
1. Yenia, Russia
2. okunito37, Russia
3. evza888, Russia
The tournament was attended by 44 players from 6 countries.
To see full results please refer to List of tournaments, tournament # 8718.
19.09.2020The winners of the OEDMC Qualification Tournament #1 are:
1. irina484, Russia
2. DrunkCrystalDragon, Russia
3. ENMVdiana, Netherlands
The tournament was attended by 32 players from 7 countries.
To see full results please refer to List of tournaments, tournament # 8719.
  • new chapter in Help menu - Site guide
  • OEDMC 2020 menu has been added.

French Mahjong Club Mahjong Club du Rhône in partnership with the Mahjong International League (MIL) announces the 1st Online European MCR Duplicate Championship, which will be held on October 31 on the Russian mahjong portal MahjongSoft. 140 players (mainly from Europe) are expected to participate in the Championship, each of whom will play 80 duplicate hands. The main source of information about the 1st Online European MCR Duplicate Championship is the official site.

03.09.2020SBR tables are returned.
01.09.2020The winners of "The First MCR Dutch Open Online" tournament are:
1. Taxita, Russia
2. GD-Kris, the Netherlands
3. tsumogiri, Russia
The championship was attended by 39 players from the Netherlands from more than a dozen mahjong clubs, 13 players from Russia, 2 players from France and 1 player each from Poland and Austria.
To see full results please refer to List of tournaments, tournament # 7833.
  • new feature -- chatbox on the tournament page;
  • new feature -- chatbox on the game page.
21.08.2020The Dutch MCR mahjong club “De Gouden Draak” (“the Golden Dragon”) invites you to an online MCR tournament on the 30th of August 2020. The tournament, in “Dutch-Open style”, will consist of 4 rounds of 75 minutes with one longer (lunch) break and 3 breaks of 15 minutes, starting at 11AM (Amsterdam) / 12AM (Moscow). You are kindly asked to pre-register using the instructions found in the invitation.
26.07.2020Tournament updates:
  • launch of conventional (non-duplicate) MCR tournaments.
20.07.2020New page in Statistics menu: tournament ranking.
22.06.2020New features:
  • tournament organizer can replace players from the list of substitute players,
  • fixed some bugs.
17.06.2020New page in Statistics menu: MCR fans statistics.
  • new chapter in Help menu - MCR rules
  • new chapter in Help menu - SBR rules,
  • new chapter in Help menu - Contacts.
  • To determine the places of players in individual duplicate tournaments in case of ties (having an equal sum of IMP), the additional criteria are applied: the sum of IMP and the sum of game points calculated only for those deals in which all tied players played.
  • FRENCH language menu has been added.
  • "Help" menu has been added.
  • Duplicate rules description has been added (see inside "Help" menu).
  • When a table is complete, sending a beep to inform the players,
  • In tournaments timer changed to 9 seconds,
  • Sit&Go tournaments now started with 5 minutes delay after filling,
  • fixed bug with counting "Triple pung",
  • other minor improvements.
21.05.2020New features:
  • "False Hu" hand is shown in result window,
  • duplicate rules 4-5 implemented (last tile in a game is the only tile when there is now more tiles in the wall on the right side player's wall, only Madhjong (Hu) declaration is allowed on the last tile in a game),
  • reduced delay during multiple declarations,
  • delay for bots "thinking" time when playing with bots,
  • other minor improvements.
18.05.2020New features added in [Personal data]:
  • change password via email,
  • recover a forgotten password,
  • validate email.
Please, validate your email address in order to receive Verified user (VU) status.
14.05.2020Tournament update: Scheduled automatic launch.
  • Current schedule: Mon-Fri 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., Sat 3 p.m., Sun 6 p.m., Moscow time zone.
  • 6 hours before the start, the tournament appears in the list of tables.
  • 3 hours before the start, pre-registration opens.
  • 10 minutes before the start, a 5-minutes time window opens to confirm registration. Players previously signed up for the tournament must press the confirmation button.
  • 5 minutes before the start, all players who do not confirm participation are REMOVED from the registration list. Before the start, the usual registration for vacant seats continues.
  • If there are empty seats at the time of launch, registration is extended for 5 minutes (it happens twice after first time extention).
  • If all places are full, the tournament starts and the game is played as usual.
  • After 10 deals in the tournament, there is a 5-minutes break.
14.05.2020Announced an online competition dedicated to the anniversary of the mahjong club "Tile".
12.05.2020Tournament updates:
  • Move timer in tournaments is 10 seconds.
  • East on the first move has double timer, i.e. 20 seconds.
  • One can request additional time by pressing the "Time +" button when the time remains less than half (the numbers on the button turn red). In total, one can press the button this way up to 3 times per move, so the maximum time for one move is 40 seconds (please, do not abuse it).
  • With three timeouts in a row, the player will be disconnected, if this happened due to a loss of connection one can log into the game again and continue playing as usual.
  • The place in the tournament registration is "held" until the start, regardless of the connection. But, of course, one can exit prior the start or the tournament by the button.
  • The list of tournaments shows the starting time (for a while there is no schedule, available are only "Manual" tournaments that are started by admins manually and "Sit & Go" tournaments that start automatically when all the places are filled).
12.05.2020MCR: cosmetic updates:
  • tile discard animation is redone
  • when the discarded tile was taken from the hand, it is shown in the middle; when the discarded tile is a freshly taken tile from the wall, it is shown as shifted to the right from the middle
  • a bug with showing hands at the end of the game (winning tile) is fixed
11.05.2020MCR Individual Duplicate tournaments are available now on
06.05.2020Выдаётся звуковой сигнал, когда до конца хода остаётся 4 секунды.
04.05.2020MCR minor updates:
  • timer bar has been added, showing the current player.
  • on pressing SPACE button the last tile from the wall will be discarded (if it is not already inside the hand).
  • on pressing SPACE button with other player's discard, PASS will be declared.
04.05.2020Verified users (VU) can open their own private tables and tournaments. Entrance to them is only by PIN-code, which is given to those who opened such a table / tournament. To open the table you need to click on the button with the lock in the header of the list of tables / tournaments. Then select the type of table / tournament and PIN-code for entry (numerical). After opening a table / tournament, it is necessary to enter at least one person within 3 minutes - otherwise the table will be closed. The launch of a private tournament is done by filling all the players.
04.05.2020Starting from 04.05.2020 at the site the concept of Verified User (VU) is introduced, which is a user who will have access to additional features of working with the site. Participation in official tournaments will be possible only for VU.
IMPORTANT: One person can have ONLY ONE VU profile!
To obtain the status of VU, the user must do the following:

A. In the player’s profile in the Personal data block, fill in the fields:
  • Login - character field with a maximum of 16 characters (using Latin letters, digits, symbols "-" or "_")
  • E-mail
  • Name - preferably in the native language
  • Last name - preferably in the native language
  • Country
  • City
B. Reply to the message generated by the system (NOT AVAILABLE SO FAR) or write a letter to Vitaly Novikov or WhatsApp to +7 (925) 771-45-92 with the message "Please add (indicate your Name and Last name) to verified users of the site".
23.04.2020Tournament results page is added to the menu. List of tournaments is available for registration. During the testing period tournaments will be manually scheduled.
22.04.2020Duplicate mahjong team tournaments are available now on in test mode (MCR rules).
  • MCR: discard of flower tiles allowed
  • MCR: fixed error while declaring winning hand with knitted straight - thanks to player cantaloop for message!
  • MCR Replay: fixed error CHOW positioning
16.04.2020Registered user can play now using numbered set of tiles. To select this feature please go to your personal settings page.
15.04.2020Country flags are shown:
  • on the tables
  • in the list of players online
  • while chatting
Some MCR table design changes: flower tiles are not shown now in the hand - just as text line above the player's name.
11.04.2020MCR hands replayer is now available.
11.04.2020MCR Calculator page translated into Nederlands - great thanks to Piter!
10.04.2020Nederlands language is added - great thanks to Menno!
  • MCR, SBR: time between deals is 20 seconds.
  • MCR: Declaring "Hu" with hand points less then required causes false mahjong
  • In MCR Mahjong application it's also possible to allow false mahjong declaration for training purpose
04.04.2020What's new - this list added :-).
03.04.2020Updated tables for MCR games - welcome to play and enjoy!
  • New tile from the wall is shown separately
  • By clicking empty space this tile is added to the hand with sorting
  • Sounds and pop-ups for the declarations
  • Player's connection state is shown: disconnected and timeout
  • Hot keys for the declarations
02.04.2020For training purpose please use our training applications (playing with bots): MCR Mahjong and SBR Mahjong.