MCR Mahjong Trainer - become the expert in Mahjong Competition Rules!

Mahjong Trainer - is a program for training the main skill in the game - counting number of fans and points in the hand.

According MC Rules, the hand must have minimum of 8 points to declare "mahjong" - that's why any player must always know what fans and how much points the hand has.

Mahjong Trainer helps you to improve your skill to "read" fans in the hand according to situation. At the beginning, a random hand generates and player must calculate in the mind total number of points, and enter the count. Then the program counts the hand and compares your answer with the right one. It is possible to see detailed view of the hand - the structure and contained fans.

main screen

The main screen of the program contains the following parts:

  • Declared Sets. Here you can see chows, pungs and kongs, declared during the game. Kongs are shown as 4-tiles sets. Concealed kong has reversed tiles on the sides.
  • Tiles in Hand. Concealed tiles, i.e. tiles that the player has in hand at the moment of "Hu" declaring.
  • Winning Tile. Tile and where is coming from (from the wall or from the other player's discard).
  • Special flags. Define special situations in the game, resulting some fans to appear.
  • Winds. Here round and seat winds are shown, if required.


On pressing "New/Next" button the next hand is generating. You are to count all the fans and the points and enter the total number of points in the corresponding field. Then press the "Check" button - the result dialog will be shown.


In Settings dialog you can change random hand parameters:

  • Hand type. How melded or concealed will be hands for testing. 100% melded hand means that all the sets were declared in game and winning tile came in pair. On the other side 100% concealed hand means all the 14 tiles closed at the moment of "Mahjong" claim. Melded/concealed parameter can be set in percents 0-100.
  • Frequency of sets (%). How often chows/pungs/kongs will be presented in hand.
  • Generate special hands. Define frequency of special, not regular hands (Seven Pairs, Thirteen Orphans, Greater/Lesser Honors and Knitted Tiles)
  • Generate special fans. Define frequency of special fans (Last Tile in Game, Last Tile of its Kind, Replacement Tile, Robbing the Kong)
  • Minimum 8 points in hand. Generate hands for testing with at least 8 points.

Trial version has full functionality within 30 days period.

Download trial version of Mahjong Trainer version 1.0