MCR Mahjong (alpha version) - play mahjong with the computer.

Alpha (test) version, playing mahjong according MCR (Mahjong Competition Rules).

Suitable for beginning players.

  • no time-limits
  • only right moves are shown (no false chows/pungs/kongs or "Hu")
  • af the end of a round winning hand structure with the fans is shown
  • you may pass by clicking mouse at arbitrary point of the game field (if pass is the only move)

Two types of the game field are supported:

  • in four lines (a-la 4Winds). Discard tiles are shown on pressing "D" in the upper right of the hand. For the concealed tiles of the player, discard indicators below the tiles are shown. One point - if a tile of the type is in discard, two points - there are two tiles in discard, three points - three times).
  • on a square. Like a real table game.


"On a square" arrangement.

main screen

"In four lines" arrangement.

main screen

Winning hand structure dialog.

winning hand structure

Download Mahjong, version 1.3 alpha