Sherlock Holmes

"Sherlock Holmes and Mahjong"

"Sherlock Holmes and Mahjong" is mahjong supplementary educational material in a form of mysteries to solve inside some fictional story. The book contains 58 mysteries in 9 chapters. In 2013 it was decided by MahjongNews to run the first ever – in Europe and probably in the world – full-fledged Mahjong Mysteries Contest with real prizes for the best mystery solvers (based on mysteries from the book). Since that time four contests took place.

Details: 146 pages, English, version 0.5.2 dated 09.03.2022, © Vitaly Novikov, 2010-2022. English text of the most part of the book has been carefully checked by the professional copyeditor, Juna Berry Madrone.

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Updated: 09.03.2022