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  • Introductory word

    Dear mahjong lover! The use of knowledge is an essential factor in raising the level of understanding the game of mahjong. Which can be found in books. Different books of different authors. The best known collection of mahjong books titles is the "Books" section at Tom Sloper's Sloperama.

    Below you can find several mahjong books and other materials of Vitaly Novikov, the consultant of the MahjonhSoft site.

    Published mahjong books

    So far three Vitaly Novikov's mahjong books have been published in Russia in Russian.

    All interested parties are invited to cooperate in translating books or parts of them into other languages. PDF-version in English of two MCR books is available as a starting point for such cooperation.

    Mahjong books in PDF

    Three mahjong books in Russian and two books in English are available in PDF-version. Any PDF "book" is literary the copy or translation of some published book with some minor differences.

  • "Handbook on Mahjong Competition Rules. Book One. Beginner's Guide"
  • "Sherlock Holmes and Mahjong"
  • "Sichuan Mahjong? It's that simple!"
  • "Handbook on Mahjong Competition Rules. Book One. Beginner's Guide"

    The first part of the two-­volume book "Handbook on Mahjong Competition Rules" will help you to learn how to play Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR) and go from beginner to player participating in the tournaments. The book can also be useful for persons who already play mahjong by different rules to expand their knowledge of mahjong.

    Details: 130+ pages, English, version 0.4.4 dated 16.12.2016, © Vitaly Novikov, 2016. WARNING: May be not perfect English though quite readable and understandable.

    "Sherlock Holmes and Mahjong"

    "Sherlock Holmes and Mahjong" is mahjong supplementary educational material in a form of mysteries to solve inside some fictional story. The book contains 58 mysteries in 9 chapters. In 2013 it was decided by MahjongNews to run the first ever – in Europe and probably in the world – full-fledged Mahjong Mysteries Contest with real prizes for the best mystery solvers (based on mysteries from the book). Since that time four contests took place.

    Details: 146 pages, English, version 0.5.1 dated 15.10.2021, © Vitaly Novikov, 2010-2021. English text of the most part of the book has been carefully checked by the professional copyeditor, Juna Berry Madrone.

    "Sichuan Mahjong? It's that simple!"

    The book «Sichuan Mahjong? It's that simple!» will help you to learn how to play Sichuan mahjong in a club or at home, as well as participate in tournaments.

    Details: 64 pages, English, version 0.3.3 dated 22.12.2020, © Vitaly Novikov, 2020.

    Mahjong educational materials

    Below are the links to download training materials which are only available to MahjongSoft site users with the "Verified User" (VU) status.

    Terms of usage and other useful information

    Printed books have a price fixed, they are sent via Post of Russia (except in Moscow where they can be handed over). E-books in PDF are not sold, they are "exchanged" for a donation and are sent to an e-mail address. The donation expected is 2-4 EUR / USD per e-book.

    To order, please contact Vitaly Novikov via WhatsApp +7(925)771-45-92 or write to Payments or donations can be made via PayPal for "", Vitaly Novikov.

    In addition, all educational materials and some parts of e-books are available for free download to all MahjongSoft site users with the "Verified User" (VU) status. In order to become "VU" please fill in fields Name, Lastname, Country, City in your user's profile with the relevant information, and confirm your e-mail address. For help, please, refer to the Site Guide.

    About Vitaly Novikov

    Vitaly Novikov is a mahjong researcher and enthusiast, but also he is:

  • a player — a champion of Moscow in MCR and SBR mahjong, multiple prize winner of MCR Russian Open, multiple prize winner of MCR Online Marathons at the "Mahjong Time"
  • a writer — three mahjong books has been published in Russia in 2017-2019, a reporter at "Mahjong News" in 2014-2017
  • an officer — a member of "Ranking Committee" of the EMA, member of "Rules and Regulations" Committee of the MIL, member of the Board of the Russian Mahjong Federation
  • a teacher — the leader of mahjong clubs, author of educational materials
  • an organiser — EMA certified MCR referee, the last two MCR Russian Open championships and recently held OEDMC have been organised by V.N. (in team)
  • a developer — the MahjongSoft site, Mahjong Mysteries Solving Contest
  • Updated: 15.10.2021